Cartoon Tractor Little Green Children's Book  Illustration Alton Johnson Jr

Little Green Adventures

Little Green Adventures is a series of

Children's stories in the Green Magazine

for Kids. The stories follow the lives of a

little tractor named, "Little Green" and his

tractor friends. They are always doing great

things, from "Monster Truck Pulls" to "Four

Leaf Clover Hunts."

Little Green lives on a farm with his Mother,

Father, Farmer Brown, Mrs. Brown and a

pup named Spot. And also some of his

tractor friends.

Come along with Little Green and his

friends, as they learn important life

lessons, going through all these great


Author: Jane Aumann and Cindy Ladage

Art Director:  Richard Hain

Published by:

Hain Publishing Inc. (2001-Present)

   © Alton Johnson Jr 2022/2024

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