Tapestry Blues Children's Book Illustration Alton Johnson Jr

Tapestry Blues

Tapestry Blues is a young adult book about

a young man named Donald. Donald was

the youngest of five children. His mother

passed away when he was five. Leaving

him in the care of his father. But, some time

later the father placed Donald in foster care.

Donald eventally ran away.

Donald had a love for playing jazz music on

his saxophone. After living on the streets

awhile, working odd jobs, Donald met an

older homeless gentleman by the name of

Chaps, who was also homeless. But, Chaps

also loved music and played trumpet in a

band called, "Forever Jazz." A true

friendship was born.

Author: Dwana Webb

Art Director:  Dwana Webb/Alton Johnson Jr

Published by:

Lulu Publishing (09/2021)

   © Alton Johnson Jr 2022/2024

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